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You may or may not have seen the old escape(s), one (the old reelesapefilms.com) was a flash site while the other was a wordpress blog I updated with stories, photos, videos and information from recent hunting, fishing and production trips. These two sites have now come together into one ultimate escape.

Please feel free to browse around and check back for periodic updates. From here on I plan to bring you everything from Reel Escape Films and the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s video production unit. To receive an email every time I post something new enter your email HERE and become a fan on Facebook


Hard Water Fishing

I’m pretty sure almost every lake in the state froze after last weeks frigid temps. This does not mean to go putting away your rod and reel … if you’re a fly fisherman buck up and hit some of Colorado’s reputable tailwaters. Winter time may be cold on the water but trout still eat throughout the winter … even fish under a thick layer of ice need to eat.

So get out and drill some holes to drop a line in for some “Hard Water Fishing.”

My nephew Trace, who caught his first trout this summer, is quickly becoming an accomplished angler

Check out the full story:
LINK (Via “Team Klondike“)


The Cycle of Success

The Sport fish and Wildlife restoration programs partially fund state wildlife agencies like the CDOW. The program is funded by fishing, hunting and boating manufacturers that pay an excise tax on this equipment. These funds are directed back into state fish and wildlife programs and projects. The result: better fishing, boating, hunting and other wildlife-oriented recreation.



New Employee Orientation Video-Basically a pump up video to get people excited about working for the DOW