Fishing Guide '08

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s magazine “Colorado Outdoors” just released its yearly fishing guide. I’m proud to say that the editor chose one of my photos for the cover. (probably because he doesn’t have to pay for it because I’m a state employee, but whatever, Its my first cover!)

Also, my co-worker, Dennis McKinney penned an article about the making of “Fly Fishing Colorado”

Dennis, is not only a seasoned fly fishermen, he is a very diligent writer.

Feel free to read the article: 2008-fish-guide-dvd-article


Greater Sage-Grouse

The Largest of the Grouse species, Greater sage-grouse strut and boom in an interesting manner….check it out


South Platte Medley

Spring time on the South Platte River in Northeastern Colorado.


a.m. Wild Turkeys

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s video production unit has been working on a new series of wildlife short films titled “a.m. Colorado” The latest is a piece featuring Wild Rio Grande Turkey’s along the South Platte Corridor. 





Sand Hills Dancers

The latest clip from the Division of Wildlife’s video production unit

Prairie chickens are unique little birds that stomp their feet, puff their orange cheeks, and strut to attract mates. Filmed on a spring morning in the Sand Hills of Yuma County, Colorado.

Species Profile:
Range in Colorado: Greater prairie chickens are fairly common local residents in the sandhills of northern and central Yuma County, extreme eastern Washington County and extreme southern Phillips County.
Habitat: They prefer mid-grass sandsage grasslands on sandhills, mixed with cornfields (Evans and Gilbert 1969, Van Sant and Braun 1990).

History: Between 1973 and 1993, Colorado’s greater prairie chickens were listed by the state as an endangered species. In 1993, the birds were delisted to threatened and in 1998 they were delisted to a special concern/non-game status. Through DOW recovery efforts, which included cooperative habitat projects with eastern Colorado landowners, greater prairie chicken numbers have grown from a low of 600 birds in 1973 to an estimated fall population of 10,000 to 12,000 birds, which can easily sustain a limited harvest.


Fly Fishing Colorado DVD….after 2 years…finally done!

After traveling around the world filming “Angling the Globe” an opportunity presented itself to me. A real job. A job doing what I love doing, fishing and filming…and getting paid for it. The main goal of “Angling the Globe” was to create career for myself in the outdoors, filming fly fishing videos. Well here I was fresh off the ship from semester at sea done with college and I had alread reached my long term goal working with the DOW…sweet…so for the last 2 years post production for “Angling the Globe” has been pushed aside while “Fly Fishing Colorado” was priority. After a lot of great days on the water with a seasoned fly fishing veteran Dennis McKinney, many long stressful nights in the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s edit room (my office) the DVD was finally finished this January.  

Here is the press release for the DVD:



Fly-fishers dreaming of the days ahead on Colorado lakes and streams can amplify their visions by immersing themselves in “Fly Fishing Colorado,” a new feature-length DVD from the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

More than two years in the making, “Fly Fishing Colorado” takes viewers on a year-round tour of fly-fishing adventures spanning the entire state, from the loftiest reaches of alpine lakes to warm-water reservoirs and all points between. Anglers will get a firsthand look at the best fly-fishing that Colorado has to offer, as seen through the lenses of DOW’s revamped video production unit. 

Fly-fishers can scroll through the pages of a weathered journal to find finicky trout rising to dry flies or high-speed wipers ripping line from screaming reels. Experience the thrill of catching all three native trout species against a backdrop of high-mountain scenery. Share the underwater haunts of northern pike, and take a ride on a jet boat for a lazy drift down a gentle river. 

The journal also reveals when and where to find a multitude of the famous and not-so-well-known insect hatches that occur on major rivers and backcountry streams. Be in the right place at the right time to find trout rising to green drake, blue-winged olive, red quill and pale morning dun mayflies.

What to expect

Explore the stages of the Mother’s Day caddis hatch from start to finish, and discover the importance of widespread and prolific summer caddis hatches. Travel to mountain park reservoirs for famous still-water hatches and trophy-sized trout. Be there for the action when kokanee salmon, brown trout and native mountain whitefish make spawning runs up golden corridors of rivers cloaked in the dazzling colors of autumn in the Rocky Mountains.

The journal also is packed with fly-fishing instruction for anglers of all skill levels. There are techniques for fishing nymphs, dry flies and streamers. Proven fly patterns are listed for all events. 

“Fly Fishing Colorado” is a useful tool for anglers making plans and scheduling trips to coincide with fly-fishing events. 

The DVD also is designed to recruit anglers. Anglers spend nearly $1.5 billion dollars a year in Colorado, which is considered to be one of the premier fly-fishing destinations in the world. Showing anglers what the state has to offer will help add to Colorado’s prestigious fly- fishing reputation. Additional anglers in Colorado will mean more dollars for local economies, more license dollars for wildlife management and the continuation of the conservation ethic. 

“Fly Fishing Colorado” is available for $22 at DOW service centers and at http://wildlife.state.co.us/wildlifestore, and coming soon to fly shops and sporting-goods retailers.