Can fishing inspire strangers to meet?

Imagine creating a product that nobody wants to use. All the hard work, time, and money is wasted if you did not do your research. User research is key as it removes assumptions from the design process. Developing a deep understanding of your user is imperative to designing useful, usable and compelling digital products.

Without empathy everything is at risk.

Conducting research with the Chief Fishermen of Cape Coast, Ghana

Seekr connects adventurous travelers to independent guides and locals. First, we developed empathy for our users. We conducted user interviews all over the world. We tested the hypothesis: If a platform enables travelers to connect to locals who offer unique experiences then travelers will be inclined to seek new experiences. Additionally, locals will be empowered to share their culture, knowledge and passions.

The interviews and tests validated our hypothesis and proved that there is a demand for our solution. What next? Is this enough to build a product with the confidence that people will use it?

Fly fishing around the world inspired Seekr.

Fishing is localization. Fishing is universal and provides sustenance to communities the world over. We saw this first hand while seeking people who fly fish in countries all over the world. Fly fishing may not be prominent in places like Asia and Ghana but fishing is. Fishing, whether it is for sport, for food, or both, plays a role in places worldwide. The problem is that finding locals who fish is nearly impossible to do before you leave for your trip. Making this connection requires a lot of networking and research.

Can fishing empower strangers to meet?

The answer is yes. We at Seekr believe this dynamic can be applied to nearly any activity or niche. Imagine if, on your next trip, you had the ability to connect to locals who share your passion. Allowing you to instill purpose into your travels. This is why we created Seekr.

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This post supports my mission to empower people to get out and immerse themselves within the things that drive their purpose and passions.

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