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The state of Colorado has 22 million acres of public land. Yet, 85% of youth in Denver have not traveled west of Wheat Ridge. When I heard this statistic my jaw dropped.

My wonderful wife Sara and I are about to bring another human being into this world. It makes me sick to think about the new addition growing up in a society that doesn’t value the outdoors.

The repercussions of ignoring nature can be catastrophic

At a recent Wildlife Short Course I was pleasantly surprised to hear Dr. Delwin Benson propose actionable solutions to this problem.

Dr. Benson started the lecture by passing out large pieces to a puzzle.

He asked students to flip over their piece and read it.

Each piece represented a step towards a society connected to the outdoors.

By them self, each solution was a great idea …

… the end of the lecture revealed something very insightful:


These programs alone will not have a significant impact until they start working together. Using existing programs such as sports programs and getting those kids outside is a great step in the right direction. But more must be done.

We must challenge each other as parents to instill an appreciation for nature within our kids

If the next generation values the outdoors they will also value the things that rely on a healthy environment

Will your kid be in the 15% that make it west of Wheat Ridge?

Let’s make a commitment to get these kids out there and change it to 85% making it west of Wheat Ridge. Every single kid should have the opportunity to experience the outdoors and feel connected to the infinite possibilities nature offers. Together, we can put the nature back in human nature.

I am currently a student in BDW’s 50 week program.

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This post supports my mission to stop the growing disconnection between humans and wildlife & the outdoors. The more we expose the next generation to the outdoors the better equipped we will be to perpetuate the resource for many generations to come.

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