Fall Spawning Runs

Changing colors and cooler temperatures means spawning fish. Check out the latest a.m. Colorado episode. The video includes Colorado’s native mountain whitefish, brown trout, and kokanee salmon.


Colorado's Habitat Stamp Program

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to hunt or fish in Colorado, (and did it legally, by buying a license) you’ve probably asked yourself. What the heck is a habitat stamp? And why do I have to pay 5 bucks on top of the license fee I’m already paying? Well, the money has been put forth to good use, and here is a video that highlights a few of the properties the Colorado Division of Wildlife has recently acquired through the Habitat Stamp Program.



Shira's Moose

My girlfriend got a little scared when we ran into some moose this summer, (they are known to charge when they feel threatened) but the latest in our “a.m. Colorado” series will hopefully help calm her nerves for the next time we encounter one of these magnificent creatures in the wild. They are really quite extraordinary, and huge! Just make sure not to approach one, even if you’re trying to get a good picture. 


A Kind Review

Adam Cayton-Holland from Denver’s alternative newspaper Westword  gave the our a.m. Colorado series a review in his blog:

Thanks Adam, and we WILL keep’em coming!



Fishing Guide '08

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s magazine “Colorado Outdoors” just released its yearly fishing guide. I’m proud to say that the editor chose one of my photos for the cover. (probably because he doesn’t have to pay for it because I’m a state employee, but whatever, Its my first cover!)

Also, my co-worker, Dennis McKinney penned an article about the making of “Fly Fishing Colorado”

Dennis, is not only a seasoned fly fishermen, he is a very diligent writer.

Feel free to read the article: 2008-fish-guide-dvd-article


4th of July Greenback Cuts

In lieu of debauchery and fireworks on our country’s birthday some friends and I decided to trek up to a remote high alpine lake located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area in search of greenback cuts.

The strenuous hike up was well rewarded with gorgeous scenery…

…while we immediately started catching fish…

…lots of fish…

…not bad for 11,500 ft.

While the sun sets over the lake…

does anyone want tequila shots? Sure why wouldn’t I?

The next day was a bit over cast in the morning…

…but cleared up a bit. This is Lenny,

he likes taking pictures….with no shirt on…just a fishing vest

Shirtless fisherman can still land fish

and pretend its still winter

This was the highlight of the trip….he was too big to get in the frame

…so this was the best I could do…I’m guessing at least 17 in. maybe bigger…..a great fight on the 2 wt. 



I failed to include pictures of our final day….lets just say rain, hail, lighting, taking cover, wet undergarments, and soaked boots were in effect, all day.


Greater Sage-Grouse

The Largest of the Grouse species, Greater sage-grouse strut and boom in an interesting manner….check it out


South Platte Medley

Spring time on the South Platte River in Northeastern Colorado.

Here is another Trailer for ANGLING THE GLOBE featuring India and the flesh eating fish: Mahseer


Fly fishing in India for the majestic mahseer in the Himalayas with The Himalayan Outback and their fly fishing guide Misty Dillion Produced by Nick Clement Reel Escape Films


a.m. Wild Turkeys

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s video production unit has been working on a new series of wildlife short films titled “a.m. Colorado” The latest is a piece featuring Wild Rio Grande Turkey’s along the South Platte Corridor.