A Kind Review

Adam Cayton-Holland from Denver’s alternative newspaper Westword  gave the our a.m. Colorado series a review in his blog:

Thanks Adam, and we WILL keep’em coming!



Fishing Guide '08

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s magazine “Colorado Outdoors” just released its yearly fishing guide. I’m proud to say that the editor chose one of my photos for the cover. (probably because he doesn’t have to pay for it because I’m a state employee, but whatever, Its my first cover!)

Also, my co-worker, Dennis McKinney penned an article about the making of “Fly Fishing Colorado”

Dennis, is not only a seasoned fly fishermen, he is a very diligent writer.

Feel free to read the article: 2008-fish-guide-dvd-article


4th of July Greenback Cuts

In lieu of debauchery and fireworks on our country’s birthday some friends and I decided to trek up to a remote high alpine lake located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area in search of greenback cuts.

The strenuous hike up was well rewarded with gorgeous scenery…

…while we immediately started catching fish…

…lots of fish…

…not bad for 11,500 ft.

While the sun sets over the lake…

does anyone want tequila shots? Sure why wouldn’t I?

The next day was a bit over cast in the morning…

…but cleared up a bit. This is Lenny,

he likes taking pictures….with no shirt on…just a fishing vest

Shirtless fisherman can still land fish

and pretend its still winter

This was the highlight of the trip….he was too big to get in the frame

…so this was the best I could do…I’m guessing at least 17 in. maybe bigger…..a great fight on the 2 wt. 



I failed to include pictures of our final day….lets just say rain, hail, lighting, taking cover, wet undergarments, and soaked boots were in effect, all day.


Greater Sage-Grouse

The Largest of the Grouse species, Greater sage-grouse strut and boom in an interesting manner….check it out


South Platte Medley

Spring time on the South Platte River in Northeastern Colorado.

Here is another Trailer for ANGLING THE GLOBE featuring India and the flesh eating fish: Mahseer


Fly fishing in India for the majestic mahseer in the Himalayas with The Himalayan Outback and their fly fishing guide Misty Dillion Produced by Nick Clement Reel Escape Films


a.m. Wild Turkeys

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s video production unit has been working on a new series of wildlife short films titled “a.m. Colorado” The latest is a piece featuring Wild Rio Grande Turkey’s along the South Platte Corridor. 





Sand Hills Dancers

The latest clip from the Division of Wildlife’s video production unit

Prairie chickens are unique little birds that stomp their feet, puff their orange cheeks, and strut to attract mates. Filmed on a spring morning in the Sand Hills of Yuma County, Colorado.

Species Profile:
Range in Colorado: Greater prairie chickens are fairly common local residents in the sandhills of northern and central Yuma County, extreme eastern Washington County and extreme southern Phillips County.
Habitat: They prefer mid-grass sandsage grasslands on sandhills, mixed with cornfields (Evans and Gilbert 1969, Van Sant and Braun 1990).

History: Between 1973 and 1993, Colorado’s greater prairie chickens were listed by the state as an endangered species. In 1993, the birds were delisted to threatened and in 1998 they were delisted to a special concern/non-game status. Through DOW recovery efforts, which included cooperative habitat projects with eastern Colorado landowners, greater prairie chicken numbers have grown from a low of 600 birds in 1973 to an estimated fall population of 10,000 to 12,000 birds, which can easily sustain a limited harvest.



Recently, an article on the unique fishing trip I experienced in India was published in “This is Fly,” an online magazine geared towards the younger, more trendy angling community.  

TIF has a pretty sick design

 The editors at this is fly have done an amazing job at innovating this edgy new stylish design.

Check out the article and video that follows:



Angling the Globe, The Trailer

The new trailer for Angling the Globe, featuring the extraordinary country: South Africa.

With apartied’s troublesome past, a plethora of natural beauty, and an array of cultures South Africa was one of the most intriguing countries I visited traveling the world on Semester at Sea. Not to mention the amazing fly-fishing opportunities. From yellowfish to tiger fish to trout Sudesh Pursad, a local fly fishing expert out of Johannesburg took me to Kosi Bay, just south of the Mozambique border. This bay surrounded by rocky hills was rich in natural splendor and inhabited by our target species: the Kingfish, Caranx Ignobilis, AKA The GIANT TREVALLY.