4th of July Greenback Cuts

In lieu of debauchery and fireworks on our country’s birthday some friends and I decided to trek up to a remote high alpine lake located in the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area in search of greenback cuts.

The strenuous hike up was well rewarded with gorgeous scenery…

…while we immediately started catching fish…

…lots of fish…

…not bad for 11,500 ft.

While the sun sets over the lake…

does anyone want tequila shots? Sure why wouldn’t I?

The next day was a bit over cast in the morning…

…but cleared up a bit. This is Lenny,

he likes taking pictures….with no shirt on…just a fishing vest

Shirtless fisherman can still land fish

and pretend its still winter

This was the highlight of the trip….he was too big to get in the frame

…so this was the best I could do…I’m guessing at least 17 in. maybe bigger…..a great fight on the 2 wt. 



I failed to include pictures of our final day….lets just say rain, hail, lighting, taking cover, wet undergarments, and soaked boots were in effect, all day.