Semester at Sea – Spring 2014 – First Thoughts

I was fortunate enough to travel on Semester at Sea as a student in the spring 0f 2006. After a life changing voyage I made it a goal to somehow experience this unique way to see the world again. Well, here I am, back on the ship as the videographer for the Spring 2014 voyage. Its quite interesting being back as a staff member and not as a student ready to take on the world. This time around is definitely different. The excitement is still there it just comes in different forms. For example, as a student you can’t wait to meet new people and experience new things. As staff, those feelings are still there in essnce but its more about accomplishing goals and making a difference in peoples lives. The videographer position is the perfect vehicle to make this come to fruition.

Please enjoy the first video we produced on the Spring 2014 voyage.


Angling the Globe, The Trailer

The new trailer for Angling the Globe, featuring the extraordinary country: South Africa.

With apartied’s troublesome past, a plethora of natural beauty, and an array of cultures South Africa was one of the most intriguing countries I visited traveling the world on Semester at Sea. Not to mention the amazing fly-fishing opportunities. From yellowfish to tiger fish to trout Sudesh Pursad, a local fly fishing expert out of Johannesburg took me to Kosi Bay, just south of the Mozambique border. This bay surrounded by rocky hills was rich in natural splendor and inhabited by our target species: the Kingfish, Caranx Ignobilis, AKA The GIANT TREVALLY.